Stress eating getting the best of you? Do these instead!

Finding something to munch? Always opening the fridge but it isn’t lunch or dinner yet? This could be signs of stress eating. It can be frustrating really. Especially if you want to watch your diet. An occasional food as pick me-up or for a celebration is not a big deal but if food becomes your primary emotional coping mechanism, you should start doing something about it.


What happens when you’re stress?

You may have heard of the fight-or-flight response, which means in stressful situations, you either fight your way out or run away to safety. Both situations require you to expand your energy, hence for some, you’d start craving for food (particularly one that is high in fat and sugar). As such, it is important to train your body to cope with stress without adding extra calories.


Try these to combat stress eating:

Focus less Focus more
Binge on sweets or eating all the junk food Drink water (it’s not hunger, so try drinking water to take your mind off the stress), want a little flavour? Try calming herbal tea like peppermint, chamomile, or rose tea
Scrolling on food deliveries Read a good book or an article such as this to be informed and aware
Scrolling through social media Get up and take a quick walk around or climb the stairs (better yet, if you can get a 20 minutes work-out) 

The exercise will help release more endorphins and lift you up!

Considering a high fat fast food Get in whole foods – like some lean protein (chicken), some leafy greens, nuts and seeds which are packed with B vitamins and magnesium to increase serotonin (a happy chemical to boost your mood)


Try these easy tips to help cope with stress eating. Good luck!


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Stress eating getting the best of you? Do these instead!