3 Easy Steps To Portion Your Meals Healthily

With restaurants offering enormous plates of food, we can easily over-eat. Even “healthier” dishes should not be over-eaten. When eating out, go ahead and share your meals (dishes can come in large sizes that you could even share it with one or two friends) – that way not only do you cut down calories, but also on the cost!

It’s also difficult to eat bigger at home when the size of dinner plates and bowls have grown. A 10-in modern plate can easily add an extra 50 to 100 calories. While it might not sound like too much, and extra 100 calories a day can pack on an extra 10 kg per year!

Eat according to correct proportions for each food groups as shown in the Malaysian Healthy Plate:


Malaysian Healthy Plate (using a 9-in plate)


Step 1: Fill quarter of the plate with protein (fish, lean chicken or beef, eggs, legumes or beans)
Step 2: Fill the other quarter of the plate with carbohydrates (rice, noodles, grains, pasta, starchy vegetables like potatoes etc)
Step 3: Fill half of the plate with vegetables and fruits

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3 Easy Steps To Portion Your Meals Healthily