Eating & Enjoying Malaysian Food – The Healthy Way!​

Food, food glorious food! As Malaysians, we are very passionate about our food. While we have some of the best cuisines at our doorstep, we should also learn to adopt an appropriate makan culture, so we can stay healthy and still enjoy our food.

A particular type of food can actually be cooked in many different ways. Go with “healthier” versions more often:

Instead of this Try this
Nasi lemak with rendang & fried egg Nasi lemak with more cucumbers, boiled egg and roasted ikan bilis
Curry mee Clear soup noodles
Chicken rice, whole chicken leg with few slices of cucumber Chicken rice, breast meat with extra plate of vegetables
Roti Canai kuah banjir Roti Canai kuah asing
Nasi Kandar, nasi segunung Nasi Kandar, nasi segenggam

While eating out, you can still keep your health in check if you practice good portion control.

Don’t forget to also skip the high calorie drinks like teh tarik, kopi susu, that can add to the total calories especially if you’re trying to lose weight.


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Eating & Enjoying Malaysian Food – The Healthy Way!​